Advanced Course: Options Trading for Current Traders

Sean Allison knows just what to do, when it comes to using options to generate income, without increasing risk.

If you’ve been trading stocks, Futures or Forex, CFDs or maybe even spread betting and you’re wondering about using options to generate income without increasing risk, then our Advanced Options Trading Course is for you.

In our Options Trading Program, you’ll learn about cryptocurrency and how to trade cryptocurrency, silver and gold without owning any of them. Trying to learn about cryptocurrency can be difficult for beginners, but we’ll make sure you have everything you need, to trade cryptocurrency with options, making bigger returns than bitcoin will allow. For anyone looking to learn about cryptocurrency or using options to generate income, taking your trading career to the next level, our Advanced Course is a great option for you.

Options Trading is Powerful and Flexible

Options are the most powerful and flexible vehicle on the planet. They allow you to protect your wealth as well as grow it, which is why billionaires like Warren Buffet use Options trading to protect and grow their wealth.

No Dark Pools

If you’ve ever thought about using options to generate income, you’ll know that it’s a powerful way to generate a full time income because there are no dark pools. A dark pool is where institutional investors hide their transactions from the public. With Options trading, we can actually see every trade that goes across the tape.

In our Options Trading Program Sean Allison highlights that “Options trading is the most powerful and flexible investment vehicle on the planet” because the absence of dark pools leads us to a very distinct advantage.

If You’re a Trader Wanting to Increase Your Gains Without Having to Take Bigger Risks, Give Priority to Options Trading!

Thanks to Options, you can experience very distinct advantages as a trader.

With Options trading, there are no dark pools, you can easily identify unusual Options activity to make even larger gains, you’re able to leverage the power of a “Form 4” and you can leverage “Earnings”! 

Why is Options trading the most powerful and flexible investment vehicle in the world? 

1. Unusual Options Activity

Unusual Options activity can be used to make large gains. Recently, Sean was able to see that a company insider had purchased 2 million dollars’ worth of Options. $3 out of the money that expired in 2 days. This meant that if the stock didn’t move up over $3 in the next 2 days, this insider would lose all 2 million dollars invested.

This person was either not very smart or more likely… they knew something. And many times, this is the case with insiders. People who work for these institutions or companies know something. They know more than anyone can ever hope to know.

By following what the smart money is doing in real time, by identifying unusual Options activity, you too can start enjoying serious gains. In our Options Trading Program we’ll teach you how to look for unusual options activity – and what to do when you find it so you can begin using options to generate income!

2. Leverage the power of a “Form 4”

Another great advantage of Options trading is that when someone working for a certain company either buys or sells a significant amount of shares, they must lodge something called a “Form 4”. The good news? As an Options trader, you can find on the internet and use them to dramatically increase your gains.

Recently, a CEO of a company owned more than 10% of his company, sold $157M of shares and we were able to see this because he had to lodge a Form 4. By following along, we were able to make some very serious gains.

In our Options Trading Program, we’ll show you how to find Form 4s and how to analyse them, for the information you need.

3. Leverage “Earnings”

Earnings is a very powerful directional strategy where you can trade the trend into earnings. Sometimes you can hold past the earnings state and look at making an incredible amount of returns on the earnings result. This allows you to enjoy returns whether the market goes up, down or sideways.

Harness the power of Options trading

With our Options Trading Program, you’ll learn how to use directional trading when the stock goes up and down, as well as non-directional trading where the stock doesn’t have to move for you to make money. You need to understand and use both, for a successful Options trading career.

We’ll teach you how to start using options to generate income by understanding what the smart money is doing, as well as how to figure out what the insiders are doing. You’ll learn about cryptocurrency and these skills, paired with a sound understanding of how to find unusual option activity, and what to do with it, is what will set you up for huge success as an Options trader.